Bacteria, Antibiotics and Resistance

In this first part of the course, you will learn about the problem of antibiotic resistance, bacteria, bacterial cell structure how antibiotic work and how bacteria can become resistant.


Lesson 1

This first video introduces you to the problem of antibiotic resistance and begins to introduce you to bacteria.


Lesson 2

The bacterial cell structure is described and we begin to discover where antibiotics come from and how they act on the bacteria.


Lesson 3

In this lecture you will learn how the different types of antibiotics work to kill or stop the growth of bacteria.


Lesson 4 Part I

Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. In this talk we will describe how this occurs. (This talk is continued in the next two videos)


The rapid evolution of antibiotic resistance is demonstrated in this experiment from Harvard University.


Lesson 4 Part II

Resistance to antibiotic resistance can spread rapidly from one cell to another. This video will describe how this occurs.


Lesson 5

Creating new antibiotics requires a good knowledge of chemistry as well as biology so that we can either design new antibiotics or alter natural antibiotics to improve their effectiveness.