We currently have available all of the videos from a course on the problem of antibiotic resistance. This course is suitable for people with only limited knowledge of biology or chemistry but will give an engaging introduction to problem to even those with extensive knowledge.


Bacteria, Antibiotics and Resistance

These lectures will give you a good introduction to the basic biology of bacteria, how antibiotics work and how resistance occurs. Further, we will discuss how new antibiotics are discovered and produced.


Antibiotic Use and Mis-use

Antibiotics are used both in humans but also animals. Misuse is driving the problem of antibiotic resistance and antibiotic pollution in the environment is worsening the situation. Both a clinical perspective as well as an environmental perspective will be addressed in this section.


Changing the System

Governmental and economic policies as well as individual choices can help or worsen the problem of antibiotic resistance. In this section of the course these issues will be explored.